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Lavender and Hibiscus Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags Can (20 Bags x 2g each=40g)

(5 customer reviews)

385.00 (inc. GST)

Relax & dwell in the subtle flavours of this stress-draining tea!


  • CalmsAnxiety 
  • Relieves Stress 
  • Induces an effortless sleep
  • Helps control Blood Sugar

Green Tea, Lavender flowers, Hibiscus flowers and Mango leaves

Getmytea Lavender & Hibiscus Green tea is a special and unique herbal infusion specially curated for relaxation with a subtle flavour. Hibiscus boosts immunity and Lavender is known for relieving anxiety as well as stress. Both of them blend perfectly well with green tea rich in anti-oxidants. Our air tight packaging keeps the tea fresh for our customers.

About Lavender and Hibiscus Green Tea –

– Specially crafted for relaxation of your mind & body 

– Contains a high proportion of antioxidants 

– Promotes holistic health benefits 

– Helps improve sleeping patterns

Pyramid Bags are tiny porous sealed bags containing tea or infusions. The shape of these bags allows room for whole leaf teas or herbs to be packed into them and when dipped in hot water, they have ample room to expand and release their full flavour. These are much preferred over the paper envelope tea bags which pack small fannings or tea dust in them releasing little flavour.

What is Green Tea

Getmytea Green Tea is sourced from the sprawling tea estates of upper Assam in the North East of India that grow and manufacture high quality teas. Green tea is a non fermented tea with a pale greenish- yellow colour liquor. It contains anti oxidants which help weight loss and are good for heart health. The freshness of this tea is kept intact with our special air tight packaging in foil

Why the Pyramid Bag? 

  • Highly porous & releases entire flavours into your cup 
  •  Preserves authentic aroma 
  • A convenient way to brew leaf tea without creating a mess 
  •  Creates space for more tea
  •  Easy to carry, travel friendly 

Why choose Getmytea?

–       We offer a wide range of exotic teas

–         We deliver a premium quality product with opulent taste

–         Brought fresh from Indian tea gardens

–         Rich authentic blends for you to savour

–         We aim to take forward the traditional legacy of tea planters

The process at Getmytea

The Getmytea family has its roots in the tea industry since 1958, when our senior most tea planter, our father, joined tea and managed many tea estates in Darjeeling, Dooars and Assam. Later, as he specialised and grew in his seniority, he imparted immense knowledge of production to us, his family that formed Pekoe Tips Tea in 1991, the owners of our brand Getmytea.

All teas selected at our state of the art production and packing unit in New Delhi are tasted by him before being passed for their final packing. Our partner tea estates in Darjeeling, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, the Nilgiris and the Kangra valley have been producing batches of tea only for Getmytea thereby maintaining high standards of quality tea and packing. Getmytea range of teas is available online on various platforms, is sold at select retail stores in India and is exported overseas. Our teas make perfect wedding, festive and corporate gifts and are also consumed by various institutions all over the world.









Net Wt

40g (2g x 20 bags)

Tasting Notes

Grassy and herbaceous with fresh aroma of Lavender

Drinking prefereTasting Notesnce

Drink without milk. Honey or Lemon maybe added if desired.


hygienically packed in easy to use pyramid tea bags. 20 such bags packed in a sealed foil bag and then into a can

Brewing Instructions

– Boil a cup of hot water
– Add a pyramid bag into the mug
– Pour the boiled water into the mug
– Let it steep for 3-4 minutes & the tea is ready
– The same bag can be used for multiple brews

Shelf Life

18 months

5 reviews for Lavender and Hibiscus Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags Can (20 Bags x 2g each=40g)

  1. Devika Khosla

  2. Anjitha Cleetus

    Great flavour.Loved it.

  3. Akshay

    A flavourful and balanced tea that will help you to get your day started.

  4. Thara

    The soothing fragrance and delicate aroma helped to relieve the stress. Best way to destress yourself after a hectic day👍🏻

  5. Gowtham Arivarasan

    Awesome flavour and great aroma. Loved it!

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