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Darjeeling Tea 2nd Flush Single Estate Leaf Tea Can (Net Wt. 100g)

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  • Darjeeling 2nd Flush Tea Golden Orange Pekoe
  • Crop Year 2021
  • Dark Orange Cup with Immense Aroma

Rs.405 per 100g Can

Getmytea Darjeeling Second Flush Teas are harvested between end May and July and produce an amber, full-bodied and bright tea cup. The tea leaves are picked and are characterized as well-rounded and matured. The distinct muscatel flavor is a combination of unique weather, topography, and plant types. Many tea connoisseurs prefer the second flush because of this unique flavor.

The meaning of  “Getmytea Single Estate”

The word “Single Estate” means that this selection of Getmytea tea is plucked and manufactured in one tea estate and does not contain any blends of chemical-full or adulterated cheaper teas.

What makes this tea so special

This Classic Second Flush is specially made for Getmytea from the finest clones from the highest elevated section of Gopaldhara Tea Estate, in the Mirik hills of Darjeeling in North East India which is one of the highest tea estates in Darjeeling.  The tea has a woody character with rare muscatel flavour and a special tinge of sweetness, which makes the second flush so distinctive. It has brownish leaves with random tips that brew into dark orange liquor. The cup is medium-bodied with musky notes and a fresh aroma to fall in love with. The tea is very smooth with no harsh tones. The plucking is of such fine quality that the tea only needs to be hand sorted and the machines used to make the tea are very less. The garden workers are very careful in their plucking by hand to make sure only the best shoots with prominent buds are plucked. This tea is also made in the same way but it is sufficiently oxidized to ensure that all the exquisite flavors are prominently present.

Why Choose Us?Immunity

The process at Getmytea

The Getmytea family has its roots in the tea industry since 1958, when our senior most tea planter, our father, joined tea and managed many tea estates in Darjeeling, Dooars and Assam. Later, as he specialised and grew in his seniority, he imparted immense knowledge of production to us, his family that formed Pekoe Tips Tea in 1991, the owners of our brand Getmytea.

All teas selected at our state of the art production and packing unit in New Delhi are tasted by him before being passed for their final packing. Our partner tea estates in Darjeeling, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, the Nilgiris and the Kangra valley have been producing batches of tea only for Getmytea thereby maintaining high standards of quality tea and packing. Getmytea range of teas is available online on various platforms, is sold at select retail stores in India and is exported overseas. Our teas make perfect wedding, festive and corporate gifts and are also consumed by various institutions all over the world.




Net Wt


Tasting Notes

Strong Muscatel Flavour and fresh aroma of Darjeeling Tea

Drinking Preference

Drink with or without milk. Honey or Lemon maybe added if desired.

Brewing Instructions

1. To secure full flavour, we recommend using mineral or spring water boiled to 100 degrees and then cooled to about 90 degrees Celsius.

2. Add 1 teaspoon of the tea per cup into a teapot and pour in the freshly boiled water. Let it steep for 3-4 minutes.

3. Pour the tea over a tea strainer into your tea cups and sip in the magical flavour of Getmytea Darjeeling Second Flush tea.

1 review for Darjeeling Tea 2nd Flush Single Estate Leaf Tea Can (Net Wt. 100g)

  1. Khursheed Khan

    Excellent fresh tea…

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