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Tea Bags or Loose Tea Leafs?

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Chinese emperor Shennong first discovered tea in 2737 BC. All thanks to the Chinese
emperor for leaving us with a legacy to relish for generations to come!
Tea is one of the most consumed beverages across the globe and there is a vast variety of
teas and preparations based on the geographic location, culture, tradition and taste. (Check
out some exotic varieties at
There’s one most common dilemma many of us face while choosing a tea- which type of tea
is better, tea bags or loose tea? So, we’ve penned down some pointers to make your choice
easier and pick your type of tea wisely!
Flavor Intensity
Loose teas tend to offer a higher intensity of flavor as compared to tea bags because loose
tea is fresher and less grounded. The intensity of flavor can also be adjusted with the quantity
of tea leaves you add to your brew and for how long you brew it . On the other hand, bagged
tea has a limited scope for experiment. You can of course adjust the intensity as per your
choice by dipping in the tea bag for a few seconds longer, but the variation isn’t drastic.
Ease of use
Tea bags are obviously easier to prepare as compared to loose tea. Whereas brewing Loose
tea gets a bit messy while disposing the used tea leaves, bagged teas can easily be prepared
by dipping your bag in freshly boiled water and disposing the bag easily. Tea Bags are also
easy to carry while on the move.
Variety of Flavours & addons
Bagged tea or tea bags come with premixed add-ons and mixing additional condiments is
entirely optional. Whereas, in the case of loose tea leaves, the spices & other add-ons are
additionally mixed at the brewing stage. Both types of teas come in a variety of flavours to
pick from. Therefore in terms of variety, you wouldn’t be missing out on much in case of both
types of teas!
Loose tea can be brewed on a stove top along with spices & other condiments as per one’s
taste or can also be brewed directly in a tea pot by pouring freshly boiled water onto the tea
leaves. You will then need a strainer to filter the tea. Whereas, for tea bags, hot water is
poured over the bagged tea in a mug which makes it the quickest tea to be prepared within a
minute! This preparation requires minimal utensils, which is not necessarily the case with
loose teas.
So, the next time you’re at the grocery store, you know what to buy according to your taste
and requirements. If you have to buy tea bags, please try and buy the pyramid bags because
they hold better quality and whole leaf teas compared to the dust varieties packed in paper
tea bags.
Check out the pyramid tea bags here. Getmytea offers an exquisite range of teas available
online ranging from Assam tea, Darjeeling tea, Nilgiri tea and many more.

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