Getmytea Velvet Bag with 1st Flush Darjeeling Tea – 100g

320.00 (inc. GST)

An exquisite Darjeeling First Flush Tea with light and fragrant aroma packed in a hand stitched velvet bag for a small memorable gift.


Darjeeling First Flush Teas: are one of the most prized teas in the world. This tea is sourced during the first plucking of new leaves and buds, from the onset of spring in March through the month of April. The dry leaves are dark green in appearance and consist of finely plucked whole leaves. The cup is very mellow with a light body having a fantastic spring fresh flavor. This first flush tea has a fulfilling experience that leaves behind a lingering and pleasant aftertaste with zero astringency.

Net Wt


Tasting Notes

Darjeeling First Flush: Fragrant Fresh Flavour

Drinking preference

Drink without milk. Add honey / lemon if desired.

Brewing Instructions

Infuse 1 teaspoon per cup of tea leaves in freshly boiled water in a tea pot for 3-4 minutes. Stir and filter the tea into the tea cup. Add milk/ sugar/ honey/lemon if desired and enjoy the full bodied flavour of Darjeeling First Flush Tea


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