Darjeeling Jethi First Flush 2021

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This limited edition and rarest Darjeeling first flush tea has a very fruity fragrance and aroma without any body. It is very light on the palate and should not be mistaken as a white tea as it has been oxidized by hand without any machinery involved. It is the rarest of rarest teas from Darjeeling. The garden workers are very careful in their plucking to make sure that only the best shoots with prominent buds are plucked. The top elevation of the tea estate which stretches up to 5000-6000 Ft is planted with the best quality AV2 bushes. Also, the bushes are fresh as they have just come out of their hibernation period after a prolonged winter of almost 3 months from December to February in Darjeeling.


Tea Type: Indian Black Tea
Grade:  2 Leaves and a Bud
Tea Estate: Rohini
Month of manufacture:  Feb 2021
Net wt: Available in 25g/50g/100g/250g/1000g
Region: Darjeeling District, West Bengal
Altitude of Estate: 5000-6000 ft

The Experience

Enjoy the fresh aroma and taste of this exclusively manufactured single estate tea from Darjeeling. Watch the tea leaves unfurl in your tea pot and pour your first cup of this exquisite tea. Sip in the fresh aroma of pure Darjeeling First Flush and experience the smooth and aromatic natural flavour from the world’s best tea producing region, Darjeeling. Brought to you in a sealed container packed fresh at the tea estate.

Net Wt

25g, 50g, 100g, 250g, 1000g

Tasting Notes

Refreshing lively cup with refined fruity flavor topped off with the finish of natural honey and peaches and wildflowers

Drinking preference

Drink without milk. A tea as exclusive as this needs no additives.


Keep in an air tight container away from moisture.

Brewing Instructions

Add a heaped teaspoon of this tea per cup into a tea pot and add freshly boiled water. Let it brew for 3 minutes. Strain the leaves and pour the tea in to your tea cups. The same leaves can be brewed 2-3 times to continue enjoying the tea. Brew a little longer each time.

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  1. Ardhendu Shekhar

    Nice flavour,

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